God welcomes weeds into the garden of His church and acceptance and the addition of the Holy Spirit, plenty of love, prayer, Bible Study, protection, and continual support and nurture, weeds in God’s garden become the wonderful blossoms that draw others to them to find out what changed them.

Lent is the time to nurture the weeds that we are to enable us to blossom for God at Easter.







 Sketty Parish invites all to practise Christian faith,

together serving God   and our communityby

sharing the good news of Jesus





   Sunday 19th November -

The Third Sunday of the Kingdom


Zephaniah 1: 7, 12-18; Psalm 90: 1-8;

1 Thessalonians5: 1-11;  Matthew 25: 14-30

  8.00 Eucharist                                                                   

                                                                                         9.30     Family Eucharist                and

11.15 Eucharist


Mon 9.00 Open the Book

1.15 Funeral of John Brian Waygood

1.30 Prayer Meeting in the Vestry

Tues 10.00 TOTS



   7.30 Bellringing

Wed 10.00 Holy Trinity Eucharist

11.00  Eucharist


 Readings: 2 Maccabees 7: 1; 20-31, 39-42:

      Psalm 17:  Luke 19: 11-28

12.30 Sharing Together

Thurs.   6.30 YOUTH ALPHA

Fri 12.30 Lunch Club



Sunday 26th November - The 4th Sunday of the Kingdom

Readings: Ezekiel 34: 11-16; 20-24:

 Psalm 95 1-7; Ephesian s 1: 15-23; Matthew 25: 31-46

8.00 Eucharist

9.30  Family Eucharist              and    

630  Evensong



Holy Trinity Church Parkway           

Sketty Park.

Weekly Notes.

Weekly Notes.

Sunday 19th November 2017

11:00am Morning Prayer

6:30pm  Healing Service at Holy Trinity.

In our Prayers:We pray for:

:Swansea Ministry Area: Ian Rees

(Ministry Area Leader)

Uyo-(Nigeria) The Rt Revd Prince

Asukwo Antai

Wednesday 22nd. November

10.00a.m. Eucharist

Reader Reader Rita Ford

Reading (1) 2 Maccabees 7: v 1, 20-31, 39-42


Psalm : 17: v 1-8  

Gospel Luke 19: v 11-28

Flowers. Donated by Brenda Higgins

Sunday 26th November 2017

11:00am Eucharist

6:30pm Evensong at St Paul’s




  We had a very nice Remembrance Service

and Sister Marian preached a very inspiring

Sermon. We had suitable hymns and we all enjoyed singing them.

One of our members Bill Ward is in hospital for

a few days he had a fall in the house but nothing broken.                                          





A friend of mine was quite taken aback when I stated in a sermon that God’s Kingdom isn’t, and never will be, a Democracy. During many years as a faithful Christian, she had quite missed the point that God’s Kingdom is a Theocracy where He alone rules and reigns.

   One famous writer once remarked,’ God created us in His image, and we have repaid Him the compliment!’

   Isn’t it true to say that we do try to redesign God to be more acceptable to ourselves and society today? However, that will not work. Being part of God’s Kingdom means living in obedience to His will, following the teachings and example of Jesus and ordering our lives so that we reflect His image in us to be Ambassadors of The Kingdom.

  We are all children in the faith and still learning the way we should live as citizens of God’s Kingdom. We find obedience difficult. We are rebellious. We want to do things our way. Some leave the church. God our Father Who loves us all very much is patient with us and in different ways and through a variety of mediums, He rebukes disciplines and forgives us and redirects our thoughts.

  As children mature, the rules imposed upon them by their parents, become internalized and a part of their own personality. Ideally, In the same way, as Christians mature so God’s rules become a part of us and no longer a burden.

  Yes, like teenagers we rebel and kick against authority, but then He waits until we like the prodigal son are ready to return to Him.

  There is nothing to fear, for God’s Kingdom is founded on His love. We cannot redesign Him. It is we who have to change and be willing to be changed through His Holy Spirit. As some would say, “God Rules! O.k”. !

   I’ll leave you with an anecdotal story of someone who thought they knew what God is like.

  A little girl in school was busy painting and her teacher asked her what she was drawing. She replied that she was drawing a picture of God. “But,’ her teacher replied, “Nobody knows what God looks like.” I know,” she replied, “but they will do  when I’ve finished!”  


      Many Blessings,   

           Sr. Marian, S.C.L.



The Shoebox Appeal

It's not too late to fill a shoebox for children throughout the world. The idea started in Wales many years ago, so it would be special if you could consider filling a shoebox with simple gifts for a child in need. I have put some leaflets and flat pack boxes at the back of the church, they are only 40p and don't need covering.

The deadline for bringing them into either the church or parish centre is Sunday 19th November.

Thank you so much, Jude Gilbody.

Prayer Meeting on Monday will be held in the vestry because there is a funeral in the church. Those wishing to come, please come in via the vestry door which will be open.                                                                       Anne Penton

Following consultation, there will not be an Evensong service on 10 December. 

Arrangements are being made for a Carol Service at St Paul's on Sunday 17 December at 6.30 pm.

                                                              Thanks Clive

Christmas Experience It's that time again!                    We look forward to the visit of Year 7 (first year)  pupils at Bishop Gore School for – The Christmas Experience 12-14 December.

There will be a planning meeting for all wishing to participate at 9am on Monday, 11 December, in St Paul's Church. New volunteers are MOST welcome. 

                                            Elaine Gale

Mothers Union Our next meeting is this  Tuesday at 2:15pm and we aren't having a Speaker as we have some items to discuss as this is our last meeting at the Parish Centre for this year as on the 5th December we join St Hilary's Mothers Union for Christmas Lunch.   Iris.

FOODBANK  Thank you to members of both of our

churches for your continued support of  the Foodbank. The large plastic box where users of the Parish Centre leave

their donations has disappeared, its label remaining. I should be very grateful to hear from anyone who could throw some light on this mystery.        

  Such is the generosity of Swansea people since an appeal went out for food in the summer, the Foodbank at Elim is desperate for extra storage space for supplies, especially as a surge of donations  is expected leading up to Christmas. If you know of any such facility available ,please have a word with me so that I can pass on the information to the Foodbank manager.  Thankyou.   Viv  Lewis     

Flowers at the Memorial Book

this week  

donated by

Sue Fox and Peggy Jones.

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